Tuesday, March 13, 2001

what's up. just keeping it real. getting ready to bust out of here. like what we were talking about yesterday, i went to my old hotmail to check it and i had 2 damn porno messages. one was from "wetlolita" (hahaha) and said "ARE YOU HORNY TONIGHT!!", but they forgot the question marks, dumbass! and the other one was from "hornyheather" (hah) called "DO YOU LIKE SEX!!", again, no question marks. the message says IF YOU ARE HORNY FULFILL ALL YOUR DESIRES NOW!! CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW RIGHT NOW TO BECOME A PART OF THE ACTION!! WE GUARANTEE WHEN YOU LEAVE YOU WILL BE TOTALLY SATISFIED
THAT IS IF YOU LEAVE AT ALL!! CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND GET OFF NOW!! (i'm not putting the link cause you'll probably go to it and stuff). so i sent a good fuck you message back to them. not that it will do any good. eeeeeeee

Monday, March 12, 2001

yeah i know what you mean. on my old email address i get the nasty porn emails too. And they are always titled "the info you requested" or something, sometimes they even just say "hi" or something and you think that they are maybe someone you know from school or something and then it's pussybeaversexsexsexblowjobsexfuckmeintheass hot live teens masturbating to naked brittney spears big cock action. you can always tell cause they never spell it "come", they say "cum" which is pretty retarded. like "cum and meet my friends". anywho, good to see you post again. been awhile.

Sunday, March 11, 2001

greetings, yes i know im a bastard for not posting in such a long time but oh well. Lets see whats happened in the time I havent posted: you, me, jack and frank met at taco bell, got me a woman, and thats about it. I dont really have any shows or movies to complain about because i havent been watching too much of the tele. So im going going to complain about the shit e-mail i always get. These pornomaster people keep sending me these e-mails with titles like; "hi my name is jenna come and meet my friends" and they think i dont know what is going on? thats shiiiiiiiit te gusta pollo?