Saturday, February 03, 2001

Eeeeooeuuueeee where's MinE aT??? temPERAture droppin. WHAT AR YOO GETTIN INTOOoooooo???!!!!?? eeekildo AH my leG
fuck dominos. let me tell you. we got a little shit hole dominos here, and if i could send it down there to you i would. hey you know, i just went to taco bell, and they fucked my order all up. i ordered like some tacos and nachos, i get home and there was like 4 hard tacos, and i had to eat them shits. i'll tell you what. fuck dominos and taco bell. you want pizza. eat a hot pocket. 7-11 now that's good shit there. where the hell do you get pizza that costs you 15 bones? i think you are fullashit. we got a hungry howies here that has pizza for $5.99. you know why dominos closed down? cause it sucks shit.
a sad thing happened about a week ago down here in Naples, dominos pizza closed down. I dont know why but there isnt a single dominos in collier county anymore, which pisses me right off because now i have to pay $15 for a DAMN PIE. at least the nachos at 7-11 were good, and i found out they sell hot pockets at 7-11, HOT DAMN!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2001

Rae Launo:

rae launo here. you know a smell that makes me puke is once i got something caught in the vacuum cleaner and the thing started to smell, and i had to leave the house. also some guy took a shit at work once and this asshole didn't shit in the toilet, he left his brown steamer on the edge of the seat, and nobody wanted to touch it or try to clean it up, and the shit stayed there all damn day and fucking stunk us out. Finally someone went and got a twig or something and knocked it into the toilet and flushed. That was a damn awful smelling mess.
Leroy Gouman:

I still haven't gotten anything in the mail but the guy says that I should have it by Friday. I'm so impatient. Well yesterday wasn't bad at all, and today doesn't seem so bad either. I did get a headache for a while yesterday cause of a big stink. Let me tell you. Do smells make your head hurt? I don't know if it's just me but putrid nasty smells make my head ache sometimes, especially if they are extreme. Like when this crazy guy comes in, he smells like he sets himself on fire, and it's pretty extreme. And sometimes he uses the bathroom and leaves his nasty shiny slick terds in the toilet. Nasty shits. One time he put so much goddamn toilet paper in the toilet it overflowed. Also these treehugger hippies that wear that pitchuli (I know I spelled it wrong), that dirt perfume. And yesterday someone stepped in shit and walked in here with dookey shoes. And the bastard scraped some of it on the floor. There's something about shit when it's on someone dookey shoes that smells especially nasty. I had to break out the superstrong air freshener, which smelled nice but was damn strong. ANyhow, I got a headache. But it went away. Right now this weird fucker is walking around talking to me. He tells me how much trouble he got into on the internet and had to go on the Maury show or some shit, some damn fucking bullshit, shut up goddammit. You talk too loud. Haven't heard from Rae on here in a while.

Monday, January 29, 2001

Leroy Gouman:

I am having a bad day. Hopefully my stuff will have come in the mail finally when I get home, and if it did then I will be happy and maybe forget how godawful my day has been. I still have exactly one hour at work, and I have already been here forever. At least no damn patrons have been coming in hardly today, really it's been realllllly slow. So I am just doing what I call shit work waiting for the bell to ring so to speak. Go home and eat some leftover spaghetti cause I'm hungry. The super bowl sucks, I didn't even watch it, but what the hell I found out that my mother won $200 dollars on the damn game. I should have gotten in on some of that action. The commercials were cool though. Oh well time to get back to work now. Ich hoffe Sie W├╝rfel und erdrossele auf Ihrer Nahrung.