Thursday, January 25, 2001

as much as i like louie anderson, family feud ate my balls. that godawful theme song really fucks me off. it's so annoying. and what makes it even more annoying is the dumbass ugly people dancing at the end. survey says go fuck yourself. the price is right is much better
rae launo here. i say fuck you to these stupid teen movies. like save the last dance. fuck you. teens are going to this movie and there is people banging, drug use, i say eat my shit! i dont want to bring kids into this world because it has decayed so bad it's like sodom and gommorrah, i know i didnt spell that right but who cares, alright? and american pie 2. fuck you. the first one was really bad and stupid, i didn't get any my prom nite, though I certainly could have, but i didnt, cause that isn't what is important. these guys just throw away a really important part of their lives to get fucked by slutwhore nymphomaniacs. and in real life horny teens are seeing this and throwing it away too. well i say fuck you. sex is good, i get horny too but i know how to control myself, i'm not going to stick my dick in a pie or anything, i think you should stick your dick up your ass and fuck yourself.